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Software solutions to the Engineering World

VASP Solutions is promoted by US graduates with vision to deliver quality software solutions at competitive price to the Engineering world.

Due to our strong Engineering domain expertise, we have better understanding of requirements of Engineering industry, and are best suited to craft custom software solutions to effectively address those requirements.

We are primarily serving customers in North America that includes Industrial automation service providers, OEMs, Manufacturers, Engineering Start ups, and Integrators, who are in need of custom software solutions.

We offer services in three primary areas Cloud and Mobility, Web technologies/Databases and IOT solutions.

What we do

Software Application developement and Maintenance for Engineering Domain in following areas/technologies

Cloud and Mobility

Using Cloud Amazon Web Services (AWS), IronMQ, MQTT, Azure Services for Database, App, Storage

Native applications for various flavors of iPhone, iPad, Android and tablets

Games for Android and iPhone

Mobile apps using HTML, CSS and JS based frameworks such as Cordova

Responsive User Interface for web based applications

Web Technologies and Databases

Development of configuration / design / sales software for startup companies

Responsive web applications using Angular JS, Bootstrap, JQuery

Web application Development using MVC, Single Page Application,, DeskTop based Application

Databases such as SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite

Maintenance of Existing Websites.

IOT & Remote Monitoting

Remote monitoring and control for OEM equipment

Analytics for IOT

Smart Phone Apps with Location Capability

Programming for Ignition

Development of customized modules

Development of custom reports

Complex programming to augment the SCADA features


Typical projects of VASP

Cloud and Mobility

  • Educational Game Development
  • Service / Inspection Report App
  • Order Placement App for Sales Team
  • GPS based Tracking System
  • Inspection Report
  • Product / System Troubleshooting App
  • Time and Expense App along with Calendar Dashboard for Assigning and Monitoring Tasks

Web Technologies

  • Pump Selection Software
  • Energy Savings Calculator for using VFD with Pumps
  • Recipe software for creating Batch Recipe and Operating the same using PLC
  • Solar Pump Selection Software
  • Solar Pump Test Bed System
  • Batch Execution Reporting for Breweries
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane Selection Software
  • Time sheet based tracking
  • Employment Application including login in social networking sites

IOT and Remote Monitoring

  • Monitoring WWTP parameters
  • Monitoring parameters for Solar Thermal / Solar PV Plants
  • Monitoring Green House parameters
  • Monitoring custom Skid performance
  • Monitor capacity of garbage bins and Scheduling trucks to clear garbage with Route to pick up

Ignition Programming

  • Reporting tool for monitoring Recipe's Step data during Production. Exports data into Excel
  • Ignition based module for counting user actions and determine most used parts of the application
  • Ignition based module to generate Report using Excel template for easy configuration.


Our brief client list

Global laptop / tablet case & accessories manufacturer
USA based fuel track monitoring OEM
USA based pump skid OEM
USA based solar pump manufacturer
Global Deasalination Membrane Manufacturer
USA based Control System Integrator
Canada based Package System Manufacturer
GPS tracking System OEM

About us

VASP Solutions is promoted by US graduates with vision to deliver quality software solutions at competitive price to the Engineering world. VASP team has strong Software, Automation and Engineering expertise.

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